Flyingboom Wholesale

Thank you for your interest in Flyingboom Wholesale Program.

For wholesalers, we provide attractive discount for bulk purchase.
- Benefit for purchase over $200:

1) 18% OFF>>>Amount(USD) $200-$500
Code: FB18

2) 20% OFF>>>Amount(USD) $501-$1000

Code: FB20

3) 22% OFF>>>Amount(USD) $1001-$2000

Code: FB22
4) 24% OFF>>>Amount(USD) $2001+

Code: FB24


- VIP Service

- Worldwide Logistics

- Over 200+ Sexy Items

- Latest & Trendy Style

- Bargain Price

- Adequate Stocks

1. All these coupon codes can be used unlimited times.

2. All these coupon codes are long-term valid.


1. Wholesalers are able to use products' details, pictures and size info from

(Need high quality products' pictures, please contact us.)

2. Wholesalers' orders will be arranged at the first time.

3. Any questions about wholesale will be answered in 24 hrs.


1. Recommended shipping method for wholesale orders: Expedited Shipping.

2. Please click here to check the shipping time.

3. Your wholesale orders will be shipped in different packages.

If you have any questions, please contact us at E-mail: